Malala Yousafzai – An inspirational child!

         Look in the eyes of this young girl. They show the shining light of a child that, at first sight, has the same feelings and hopes of all children in the world. But this is only in part true, and behind this eyes, there are a mountain of courage in a little heart of only 14 years. She’s call Malala Yousafzai and while many children think in play and have fun, she fight’s for their rights, principally for a better education. But not is that all! What is amazing is that she is an activist on a very dangerous country for women, because of the talibans. If it is already risky for a woman to fight for her rights, can you imagine how it is, for a child, constantly intimidated on her village? This did not  blocked her, from write a blog, under pseudonym, where she related the life under the rule of talibans and the constantly violent methods they used. 
        Unfortunately, today I saw the terrible news, that she was shot, when she lived school, together with others students girls. She is not in life’s danger but this attack, show very well, how far can go the talibans, because it was claimed by them. And now I ask: It’s possible to make peace with people that attack children? I’m consider myself a pacifist against extermination but I must say when I see news like this one, I must fight against my warlike side. But I resist, I would like more to see the talibans change their way of thinking, rather than being defeated by force, but that seems to be a utopia. Like nazis in Europe, talibans are the destruction of intelligence, rationality, love and life. But if the first ones have been defeated long time ago, the talibans continue to threat the stability of the region. How to explain this? I really don’t know and as democrat is very hard to understand.
      As for Malala Yousafzai, I have now, one more heroin and inspiration!
To know more about her: Malala Yousafzai – Wikipedia
To know more about the shooting:
If you want to leave a message to wish a good recovery please visit: or official facebook

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