Dr Muhammad Tahir UI Quadri – the pacifist of Islam.

    During this week, I discovered a muslin gentleman’s who is a symbol of a modern and peaceful islam. As people know, I’m agnostic but I respect others religions and the importance of moderate people to fight for peace. Or the islam is maybe the most badly see religion in the world not only because of the extremists but also because the majority of islam society still lives, somehow, in the past and because is sad that we in the western world see much more the islam radical in the medias than a islam that very few know. As the second much greater religion in the world with a great number of followers, it’s important to look for bridges of peace with them and that is possible with people like Dr Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri.
   The following three videos are a speech from Dr Tahir Ul Quadri on Peace For Humanity Conference in London. Please see them. For know more about his life, please go to: Dr Muhammad Tahir UI Quadri


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