Anti-islam movie: Radicalism from both parts.

American school in Tunis burning, after protests against anti-islam movie.
(AP Photo/ Hassene Dridi)


     Today I saw an article on internet about the space probe Voyager 1 and I thought how human mind  can make wonderful things as we walk in the road of evolution. That’s why, I think to be bizarre some behaviors and attitudes that reflects a weird inhumanity and make as ask if the road of evolution is not threatened by the blindness of some people. I write this, in a reaction against this radicalism that we have be seeing in the last days in the arab world. It’s certainly that all people knows what caused this explosion of violence and intolerance, but for those who still don’t know, all started with a movie, a simple movie called “Innocence of Muslins” that it was taken as a insult to prophet Mahomet. Because of it, we have been seeing in the news, an arab world in rage full of intolerance and fundamentalism.
     Well, what it’s happened and still happen is a perfect example of how a only spark fed by hate and radicalism can provoke a enormous fire and also how people can be dangerous when educated in the values of destruction and war. If islam is religion of peace as I already heard many times, why people kill only because of a movie? I saw it and it’s obvious a provocation against muslins, but kill and destroy is not acceptable. The men that got the sad idea of make this movie, achieved his objective.  All this it was a perfect example of radicalism not only from islam side but also from christian side, because the movie was made by radical christians*. And this is important because it’s always important to show that not all muslins are radicals or the western world is all innocent. Unfortunately the reactions of islamists are so violent, that the media forget those arabs that condemned all this fury and what we got? A bad image from the arab and muslin world as the director of the anti-islam movie wanted. In fact, what radicals are always looking is to destroy the enemy, to provoke him, to fight by all means against the opponent ideas. So it’s easy to understand the intention of those whom made this movie. The problem is this being a irresponsible and even stupid act, that is threatening the relations between the western world and the arabo-muslin world and because of this innocent people died. How can we react to this, if not with disdain and total refuse of this intolerance? What only answer we can give, if not, fight in a peaceful conscience against the lovers of war? If people don’t like the movie, what they win by killing others peoples? What necessity they have of making this? Why people can’t disagree with different opinions without use violence?
   I learned to admire the arab civilization and I think, we both can win much by approaching ourselves but I was educated in the values of democracy, humanism, tolerance and illuminism as philosophers and politicians as John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams transmitted us. I think the only way of understand the world is open ourselves to other points of view and respect them, even if we not agree. This, of course if only these points of view are also respectful. I can’t agree with people that kill others because of a movie, but this not mean we must follow their same road. All those that believe in peace must do more for her and not be afraid of consequences. Not only in the western world but also in the muslin world. I already heard that this is not only a reaction to the anti-islam movie  but also a reaction to western politics, principally from USA. But I ask again: what necessity is there of kill people because politics? If they don’t agree, they should have protest by other forms and not only against the “external” world. In fact I don’t believe politics as something to do with that. Only the blindness provoked by religious intolerance and radicalism together have showed a negative image from the others. The others, for us are different and we mainly have fear of knowing them, if also the image that we most receive of them is a intolerant one, the fear will increase and it will be more difficult to understand their real essence. And in these actual times, we live times of a threatening intolerance that can guide us on dangerous ways.

* Who is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?


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