A victory of hope!

    When I heard the news about the liberation of Rimsha Masih, I felt a wonderful joy and I considered to be a kind of a miracle, something not expected. Unfortunately, I was on holidays without internet and so without chance of writing about it on my blog. But know that I’m back, I couldn’t pass without make a little statement about this wonderful story. Because I was pessimistic about the possible end of this young pakistanese girl as likely precedent stories have badly finished, I was extremely happy when I saw her liberation on TV. But at same time, I thought that a little happy end must not make us forget that, it will not change all suddenly and intolerance and radical hate will continue to exist in the next times. Although and that is the most important, this liberation was a first step to reconciliation and understanding between different religious communities in Pakistan and by the way in others countries. People can call me a naif and maybe I’m but if this young girl was released, so not everything is lost!

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