Egypt- The power changed, but the sexual harassment continues.

         As a country making part of a conservative society as it is the muslim one, I always thought that  Egypt, was a country were women were treated with some deference and respectful obligation in  agreement with the religious law. Of course I didn’t compare with extreme cases as Iran or Saudi Arabia but I also never saw it as the most part of occidental countries. Surprisingly, I was wrong on my opinion. Egyptian boys and mens, seems not care about laws or teachings that normally are greatly spread in a society with a big religious influence. Instead, it’s possible so see them on streets persecuting girls and women to make sexual assaults. So it seems to be evident that regarding religion as a base of respect, ethic and moral is not always accurate, principally when egoist primary instincts have a more important role in the behavior of a part of a society (in this case the masculine one, but not all) than respect, education and humanity.   In the last times I heard about this problem on several occasions, thanks to many examples and activists that have been fighting against this very urgent problem.
   The following video, was made before the revolution that throw out, Hosni Mubarak, of the power, but still continues actual because sexual harassment is so present in egyptian society and is very hard to fight.

      Despite the continuation of this reprovable situation, egyptian women became more braves and more believers in a change following the change of power, by denouncing more times, harassment cases, by protesting on the streets or in the internet, by demanding the right of make their own lives, without fear of being attacked. Of course, there are always the risk of salafists and the egyptian government that seems to be very friend of the first ones but hope seems to reborn for egyptian women.   But as it is said in the end of the video “This is a society problem and to change the society it will be needed a very long and patient work.


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