The moon is in mourning!

      Perhaps, in the history of television, there’s no other broadcast live, where so many people would like to have the opportunity to see, as the first moon landing in 1969. For those who saw it, it was an unforgettable moment and for those who didn’t it was the lost of an amazing opportunity of take part as witnesses of one of the most significant moments on history of mankind. And in fact, the first moon landing was almost all, about making history. In those images in black and white, millions of people around the world, where seeing, the conquest of a objective, the confirmation of men possibilities in always go further and beyond his limits and a giant leap that made us enter in a new era, with less doubts about our capacities and more curiosity on scientific exploration. As heiress of explorers travels on time of discoveries, this travel, also opened new horizons, new paths that helped and continue  help to shape  each one of us. They also made famous three astronauts, that most probably, would never see his names on history books, if it wasn’t for the opportunity that they took with all his forces. Three mens, that, like his explorer ancestors, became a symbol of bravery and hope. Unfortunately, the world lost today one of this heros of modern times. Precisely, the one that ended, on first place, with hundred of years of dreams, debates, legends on the possibility of men  go to the moon or not, by giving a first step on it. With the help of Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong became a world hero and his name stayed always connected with that almost miraculous travel of 1969.  And even that, Neil Armstrong would be excellent in is profession or made others amazing things, he still continue known in the world as “the man that conquered the moon, for the first time” because this represented the concretization of one of the oldest desires of humanity and a door open on the wonderful exploration of space that is at the same time a investigation of deep inside us. And this exploration is far of be finished, because new horizons are waiting us and the infinity of Cosmos is a sea of opportunities that the curiosity of men is always ready to visit. And because, history don’t stop, others Neil’s Armstrong’s will appear, discovering and conquering new frontiers of the so amazing universe that we saw every nights, when we look at sky, as people before us have done and those that will come after us, will always do.
      In the end we can say, that the giant leap , in fact, never ended, and for that we say: Thank you very much Mr. Neil Armstrong!

P.S: The video is the first part of the restored movie of the first landing on the moon. The rest you can see on youtube.


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