Poor syrian people!

    The majority of world conflicts are motivated by absurd reasons. People make enemies, not because they have something against the adversary, but because they are convinced by leaders, that the others represents evil and so they must be attacked. And a conflict will be even worst, if psychological war exist for many years ago. Three motivations for a conflict can be political, religious or external influence ones. All this can shape the form of a country, but mostly in a negative way because there’s no a true objective in ameliorate people’s life but only a search for introduce a regime that most certainly will represent a attack on democracy and human rights.
    I say this because of the syrian conflict. What is happening in Syria is a good example of whoever will win this war, syrian people will always lost. Both parts in conflict have their hands full of blood and they desire to impose their own form of power and political regime. On one side, the majority of rebels are motivated by radical religion, searching to make of Syria a islamic state. On the other side, Bashar Al-Assad already proved to be a ruthless dictator, supported by countries where democracy is a joke like Russia or Iran. In the middle of this conflict, there are those who desire a true democracy with tolerance and respect but they are few and his influence it’s quiet invisible. So who ever will win this war, I can not see a happy end for the syrian people. I know I’m being pessimistic but unfortunately all that come, lately, from Syria, seems to show more and more hate and a outrageous intolerance, only explained by the unbelievable capacity of men in use evil to convince people that he is making good.
     To show that, the syrian conflict is nothing more than a conflict between two anti-democratic enemies, I will like to show two videos with images of war crimes from both parts against her opponents. The first one, show rebels throwing away, Bashar Al-Assad suporters, from the top of a building and the second one show death people, killed by regular syrian army. Both videos could not have to be independently verified but there’s no reason to believe that are fake videos.
     I show them, not of course, to make people hate, but to show how far can go the absurdity of war and how the world could be easy if people learned to forgive instead demand death and revenge. This atrocities, I condemned them of course and I feel pity of syrian people that is suffering for so long time because of insanity.



2 responses to “Poor syrian people!

  1. Thank you so much for this interesting article. Here did I write my view about the war on Syria
    No War on Syria! France is Leading you Astray.

    International military intervention in Syria means supporting the terrorists of AL QAIDA and contributing to the flourishing of terror in the MENA region. Any military intervention would be definitely impopular; it would also create a real risk of a boomrang effect once international fundementalist groups seize the power in Syria. War on Syria would undoubtedly increase the feeling of hostility towards the interfering countries.

    It would be a big mistake to do so. In order to avoid global chaos and unpredictable consequences in the area, nothing but a political solution could sort out the Syrian problem. France, UK, and USA are so blinded by their will to weaken Iran, Hezbollah and Russia to the point of taking the risk of bringing nails to their coffins, at least in the area. The use of chemicals has not been proven yet by UN and seems more of a lure than anything else. No lies and NO WAR ON Syria! France is leading you astray. Beware of global chaos!

    A recent study has demonstrated that a huge layer of gas does exist in Syria. It is more than clear that any international presence would be to loot the natural resources of the country: http://mai68.org/spip/spip.php?article4369

    I finally can't agree more with Pr. Sam Hamod in his following statement

    ” I'll bet most of you did not know that Syria is sitting on one of the largest natural gas fields in the world. so, it is clear, once again, it is not really about “human rights” or “democracy,” but about resources, just as ws the case in Libya, Iraq, Mali, Afghanistan, and Ghana”.

    NO WAR ON Syria! France is leading you astray. Beware of global chaos!


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