But, what have they done to see his parade, banned for 100 years?


    From Moscow it arrived another demonstration of total disrespect of human rights. Why people lost time in causing conflicts because of incomprehensible reasons? Hate someone is not human but hate someone because of love choices is simply not reasonable. People can’t agree with some people choices  but is not acceptable, to ban the right of make parades. The russian gays and lesbians should be allowed    to go on streets and show that they are not different from all others russians. Some of then dress in a strange way, some of then are provokers but none of this, is a reason to take of, a right that all people should have.
     But maybe is not strange this decision, in a city where, there are more and more fascist demonstrations with the connivance of Moscow leaders and Central Russian leaders.
     I hope that the mayor city of Moscow understand his mistake and withdraw his decision.
Please, show, there’s still democracy in Russia!


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