Love without fear!

Gathering in dreams
so high they are
that the impossible becomes love. 
And the truth of what we see
is so highly dense that we share passion 
in each little move. 
Each little dream between hope and fear,
beyond any doubt of all personal look.
That look that ask always what do you want
and what do you desire.
It talks with you searching for love
and your desire is so near
of joining what your heart took 
that you feel an amazing feeling of 
embrace that look.
Whatever wars, attacks, abuses, no honor
whatever disrespect, fights or violence 
and that so bizarre human behavior 
without sense,
could ever made to you,
forget that inhuman desire of revenge
and fuck with the unbelievable feeling of love.
Forget traditions, forget mental prisons 
that refuse the freedom of choice and change
war by peace. Peace made of love, love made of each feeling of your heart.
Make the revolution, love without fear!


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