Does holocaust really existed?

A movie about Holocaust directed by some directors including Alfred Hitchcock
     Deny some historical events because of rivalry or hate do not represent the essence of human specie and show how blind can men be. How it’s possible do not accept the evidences when there are images, photos and films that confirm all veracity of the holocaust? Maybe the negativists think this is all cinema and fake images but even that is impossible. How could be found so many death bodies that we see in so many holocaust photos and movies? It looks that some of this images have been profited by jews to win people for their cause of a State but that should not be see as an evidence that holocaust never existed. If this is reprovable in some way, that’s nothing to do with the nazi hate against jews and others communities as gypsies, gays, etc. In fact the only reason that the negativists find is to see the victims of holocaust as enemies. Maybe they know that the holocaust images are true ones but the intolerance of not recognize the victims and/or defend the values of nazism make them deny what should never be denied. But the images are there and it’s impossible pretend that they aren’t. 
   People that deny this holocaust as others holocausts, can’t say they are tolerant  or democrats because no one can defend peace and at same time defend the extermination of a people.

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