Saudi female athletes: not prostitutes but heroes!

  “Online activists take over Twitter hashtag calling saudi female athletes “prostitutes“”

      Look well at this photo. Look at the smiles of this women’s. Their happiness is one of the most symbolical moments of olympic history and of arab world. For the first time the kingdom of Saudi Arabia had send women’s to participate in the olympic games in what was considered as one amazing evolutionary gesture. All people know how women’s are differently treated of men in Saudi Arabia, so the presence of this athletes in the olympic games opening ceremony in London it was a great victory for them but also for all saudi women’s and for muslim women’s in general. Unfortunately the transformation of a society is a long process and take many long time. As we see in the link above, what seems natural for many people, it can be see as terrible for others and so even that the king of Saudi Arabia authorized for the participation of women’s for the first time in the olympic games, there’s always people that refuse it because a woman for them is a object with no rights, that exists only to serve men. A radical vision influenced by religion and extremely male-dominating society created a kind of mens blinds with no sense of reality and only absorbed in fake ideas about the role of women’s  in life. That’s why the participation of this women’s in the olympic games is a great victory for arab society and women’s rights and a great defeat against all those whom are against them.  In fact is most improbable that these women’s will win medals at the games but what can be more important than open doors for thousand’s of others women’s that have been fight for sex equality in arab world? In a society dominated by a strict vision of religion, the equality is a word with lack of importance and see as impossible. Each person as the right of believe or not in religion but religion must be separated of politics and while this continue, things will not change in Saudi Arabia and other’s muslim countries. But in the future is most likely probable that women’s that do things, made before only by mens, would not be treated as prostitutes. The road is very long and hard but is the only road!


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