The place where you belong.

Look at me,
I’m thousands of dreams,
the never ending hope on happiness;
Like the unfinished and silent sea
 where we remind our lives, nevertheless. 
Just like desires,
running in a middle of memories,
between those external consciences;
taking the all burning flame of all fires
and lighting my calm and paradisiac tenderness. 
Don’t go away,
for here I’m to make you live.
With me you’ll never alone
and lot of knowledge I will you give,
because I’m the total of millions 
I’m the undefined part of colors
I’m all the matter 
in a ship sealing across my own vision. 
Look at me and you’ll see your fears,
fight them;
you’ll see your courage,
use it;
you’ll see your world,
explore it;
you’ll see people smiling,
smile with them;
you’ll see people crying,
help them stop;
you’ll see lost minds,
guide them.
Don’t be there, listen my scream
made of millions of nightmares,
because I’m the place where you belong
because I’m humanity
because I’m you and you are me.

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