Iranian prisons: a women’s hell! (+18)

      This image show’s a rape of a 21-year-old girl on an iranian prison. It seems that the source of it is Radio France but I didn’t achieved to confirm that. In all case, the important here it’s to show what happens systematically with iranian women’s at prison. Virgin women are even forced to marry with revolutionary guards of the regime and they are raped before being executed for a matter of honor. This is the daily life and a real hell for iranian women in Iran prisons. And all this since 1979!!!
   The first video is the witness of a woman that was a victim of rape in a Iran prison. The second video is a real footage of a violation of a iranian women by four mens. I don’t know if it was in a prison but it’s a good image of what happens on iranian prisons. I advice for the second video extremely caution on viewing it because is real disturbing. 
The following video is +18
     During all this years, iranian regime continues his oppression, his violence, his terror and all this while the world (principally world-leading countries with many influence) continues to close their eyes. It’s have been many years since Iran returned to the past becoming one of the worst countries in the world to live. How many years will iranian women’s wait before win their dignity and freedom? 
    P.S. Iran regime is a oppressive regime that as nothing to do with islam. It’s easy to criticizes islam after see and read stories like these ones but please try to understand that this is a radical image and interpretation of Islam that represents only a bad image of it. Do not think in destroy islam but in finish with this regime! That is the most important!


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