Syria – For the power, not for the people!

    Propaganda is the way of make people believe in something using all things to convince people, even those not very correct! The two images above are a perfect example of propaganda, mainly the first one,  and show us two different ways of perceive the syrian conflict. Also they are not surprisingly because they show what all people know already. That is Russia (and China) have a vision of what is happening in Syria that is not the same as the vision of USA and allies. Sometimes, trying to convince people is not easy and it’s necessary to insist on a incorrect version of things. But, when the true is so self-evident why not accept it? In the story of 20th century both Russia and USA protected their allies with the sacrifice of many people surrounded by the political games of that time. It was the era of the Cold War that many people thought to be finished with the end of the ex-Soviet Union and communist bloc. but if ideological it’s finished, it continue on other way. As superpowers that contest the hegemony of  USA and as countries with great influence on her neighbors or in close states, Russia and China don’t want to abandon their capacity of change international relations and diplomacy for their benefit. in this case and talking more particularly of Russia, their leaders don’t want to abandon the friendship of the syrian leader and what can they get with that friendship. In fact the the Russia-Syria relations are very old and in a strict sense with the ruling Assad family it come from many decades ago. The presence of Russia in Syria is very big and important on tourism, gas energy, services, etc. Syria is also the only country where Russia as a military base turned to the Mediterranean sea. With all this help and bilateral exchanges no wonder that Russia voted against all sanctions presented on the UN Security Council against the syrian government. The problem is that Russia refuses that Bashar Al-Assad be condemned or accused because of violence used by the syrian army against civilians, but on other way this attacks have been made using russian arms and despite all international condemnation of massacres and atrocities, they seems to not stop. So in that case is hard to understand the first image above. Shouldn’t we talk about “russian aggression” instead of “american aggression”? As I said in the beginning propaganda is the way of make people believe in something and the first image show a distorted message that not correspond to the true. It’s hard to believe how russian leaders can talk about peace and stability when what is happening in Syria has great responsibility from them. Russia (as China) are friends of the syrian power and not of the syrian people. Russia as afraid of lose all power and influence in Syria and be replaced by USA in case of change of power on that country. All that situation provoke unreasonable situations like for example the syrian government accusing the rebels of making the Houla massacre and be supported on this decision by the russian power. For the russians, to lost the alliance with Syria is not acceptable and they will go to do everything to keep it that way. Even closing eyes on death and violent images. One more time humanity knows where is the correct side of History and it’s not necessary ideologies, propaganda or different interpretations to see it. The only thing matter’s is that innocent people still continue to die and the world can’t close his eyes as russians and chinese do. While things not change on the russian-chinese side, Bashar Al-Assad can continue to order his army to provoke atrocities against his own people. But it would be better to the syrian president to pay attention on history. 


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