Where is the controversy?

  I must say that I also was amazed when I saw this TIME cover magazine, the first time;  but talk about controversy it seems to me a little exaggerated. For some people everything it’s good to protest and they saw problems where they aren’t. The photo it’s about an article on attachment parenting that is knowing a raise of interest between mothers and consist in a closer approaching between mothers and children until a later age as 3 years old. And people can agree or not with that kind of relation but the photo only represents the meaning of the attachment parenting. In this photo I see the love and care of a mother. Is this the right way of raising a child? I really don’t know and personally I still think that the traditional way is the better way but maybe is not all negative in this so called attachment parenting and the photo is only that, nothing more. Why some “war and violence” covers don’t provoke the same controversy?


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