Burning dreams!- Fakhra Younus.

       Thirty three years it’s an age of dreams and hopes! 
All begun in Pakistan by a story of love like many others in the world. Bilal Khar, son of Ghulam Mustafa Kar (ancient governor of province of Punjab) meet one day a beautiful and charming dancer in a red-light district called Fakhra Younus. He felt in love, she felt in love! They married! The story of love take place during three years. One day Fakhra Younus leaved him with accusations of physical and verbal abuses. Some time later on May 2000 the ex-husband visited her. He look at her, always pretty, and with a mixture of rage and heart blindness he saw no more a women but something different. He saw his propriety, his object that had abandoned him without permission. On this day he attacked her with acid! The product almost completely corroded her nose, burned off their hair, fused her lips, blinded one eye, destroyed her left ear and burned her breasts. All this in the presence of her 5-year-old son from another man. After this, she considered her face as her own prison. She couldn’t take a normal life and she went to Rome to begun a treatment. Meanwhile the ex-husband always said that the attack was made by another men with the same name as he. He was considered innocent of all charges! During all this years the life of Fakhra Younus was a succession of facial operations, of fight against ghosts of hate, of fear about society. On this March 17 she leapt from a sixth floor building in Rome. She died! She was 33 years old.
P.S Shortly time before her suicide Pakistan won his first oscar, awarded on the category documentary short subject with the movie “Saving faces” A movie about women’s burned by acid.
P.S.S If I tell this story here is not for quest of revenge and hate. More negative feelings will lead to more violence and attacks. I tell this story because it’s important to know the injustices of the world and take action to make it disappear, no matter where they come. But for that is more important help to change some societies by peaceful methodes and patient instead of forcing by violence.

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