The unreasonable brutality of death penalty!


         From ancient times, death penalty has been used as punishment and form of condemnation in several countries. See as violent by those whom are against it and fair  by those whom are in favor, the death penalty is still used in many countries and provoke always many polemics.
      If sometimes it is used as part of the penal system of a country, in other times is used as revenge by terrorist groups, ethnic groups and even governments that use the death penalty to kill opposite members.  Death penalty is also used to kill those who have not the same religion, not belong to the same ethnic group or are from different races. In those cases the majority of people condemned as no right to fair trial, being target of hate and nothing more.
    The following movie is about executions and the impact of death penalty on society. From USA to China, from arab countries to South America it’s possible to see many stories and kind’s of death penalties. To show this documentary can be brutal but the valuable importance of it is that sometimes it’s necessary to know the horror of real truth for that people don’t forget that there are fights that must continue, at least until the reason of the fight end. In this case the reason is the brutality of death penalty!

(Some images of this movie are extremely disturbing and violent ones. I call that the spectator be very carefully on see the movie and before see it pay attention if someone is with him, specially minor age people.)


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