Your honour will return? What honor?????????????

     Is not the first time I talk about human right’s violations and religious extremism and certainly will not be the last. In this case is about the true story of the iranian women Soraya Manutchehri (see wikipedia). That story was the origin of a novel “La femme lapidée” by Freidoune Sahebjam published in 1990 that was later adapted into a movie called “The stoning of Soraya M.”(2008). This video contains one the most shocking scenes of that movie that show the horror of lapidation.
    I decided to publish the video here for that people don’t forget those women’s that suffer in a tragic society. How can someone have honor by killing another human being?
    Sometimes I think that the muslin world will change as western world changed (don’t forget the middle age and how the women’s where treated until the XIX century) but in other times when I see stories like this I wonder if this changement is possible. I hope yes and I hope that this horrible punishments will finish once for all.


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