Lovers’ scarfs

       The scarf of lovers is a scarf manufactured from a cloth of fine linen or of scarf from cotton, embroidered with varied motives. It is a piece of craftwork and typical clothing of the Minho, being used by women with age of marrying. It was a habit when girl was in love, embroidering his scarf and to hand over it to his beloved when this one went away. In the scarfs they could be embroidered verses, besides several drawings, someone standardized , with their own symbols. It was used like ritual of conquest. After made, the scarf would reach on the possession of a loved man, who would start to use it in public like a way of showing that it had given beginning to a relation. If the boyfriend would not use the scarf in public, it was a sign that he had decided not to give beginning to the love relation. It is probable that the origin of the ” lovers’ Scarfs “, also known by ” Scarfs of Requests ” is intimately connected with the gentlemen’s scarfs of the centuries XVII – XVIII, which subsequently were adapted by the women of the people, acquiring same, consequently, a more popular aspect.
Now, they are no more used as ritual of conquest but as “souvenirs” that can be bought on touristic shops,traditional fairs and also on internet. Only other curiosity; the grammar mistakes that is possible to find on this scarfs are because they were made by womens with lot of illiteracy. This became so traditional that even today the scarfs continue to have mistakes.


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