A match of provocation?

       About the tragedy of yesterday in Egypt there are already many theories and accusations. At same time    egyptian people continue to mourn the 74 victims that of course should not be forget like all the death victims of sport tragedies. Why? Because is completely out of sense to see death on sport. Sport fields should be places of health rivalry. That means it’s normal to suport our own club or country but never forget that is only a sport and respect the adversary. So in this terms it’s like illogical to have security forces inside sport venues because that is against the essence of sport. Unfortunately sport is also a mirror of human society for the best and the worst and like in a society, the worst need to be fought by the police or the army. So one thing that should not exists, in reality exists because men is transformed sometimes in a animal belonging on a tribe that is the club. In a group like this men loses is rationality and wins a straight that he don’t know from where it come but that make of him a superman capable of invade sport fields and destroy everything. If we join to this the political situation in Egypt maybe we arrive to conclusion that yesterday it was a combination of sportive and political reasons that provoked that disaster. Political also because since the revolution of one year ago things are not normal despite the affirmations of egyptian government. There’s still many incertitude about the futur of the country and when theres’s are not control and order accidents are more easy to happen. If the tragedy of yesterday showed as something is that  revolution in Egypt is far from the end and still are many things to do until all return to normal. I hope that instead of accusations, rival party’s start to see what they have in common to prevent news tragedies. We don’t know and nobody knows but the game of yesterday can be the beginning of something far worst and what happened could have be arranged to prepare the take of power. But for now let’s wait for the next days.


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