The sword of intolerance!

      When I see what had been happening in Nigeria this last weeks I wonder if it’s really possible the existence of peace in the human nature. What makes that men kill is similar only because he has another religion? What makes impossible the union and respect between brothers with different thoughts but living in the same country?
      Nigeria is one more example of an african country drawn in a map without pay attention to peoples living there and their characteristics. A mosaic of ethnic groups, different languages and all splintered by the religion. The north controlled by the islamic sharia and the south raised on christianity. Joining all that there is the extreme corruption that causes a unbelievable poverty in a country full of natural resources. But all this wouldn’t be a insolvable problem if there wasn’t the fundamentalism of islamic groups that not accept a christian community in the country. In this case is an islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram which do not accept different points of view and interpretations of an extremist islam. And as all extremist groups they don’t have problem in use violence to defend and spread their cause. Because of that nigerian people is living in fear and a country that could have been one of the richest countries of the world is sinking on violence, corruption and intolerance. If clashes continue maybe the solution will be the one less desirable and that is the division of the country in two as it happened with Sudan. And if this happen the question will be: Why some people prefer to destroy his own country and kill is own brothers in the name of an ideology than accept differences even in the diversity?


One response to “The sword of intolerance!

  1. Salam, amigo blogueiro!
    É muito triste que em pleno século dito moderno, muitos seres humanos ainda usem a religião como máscara para más ações.
    Não podemos perder as esperanças…como diz o MOESCOR.
    Um abraço fraterno.


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