Egyptian womens full of strenght!

Egypt bans forced virginity tests by military – Africa – Al Jazeera English

In Egypt even after the change of leaders, things seems not follow the right way, principaly for womens. On one side the raise of islamic power and the consequent fall of women right’s but in the other side a country ruled by militarys that continue to use torture against womens and disrespect their rights. One of the most known examples was the “tahir girl” in the photo above who was attacked by soldiers when was participating in recent “Tahir square protests” against military power. That photo had made of her one icon of the revolution and also showed that there are things that continue the same in Egypt. But is not all. Egyptian soldiers used to made virginity tests to detained womens, what is a violation of her rights. But thanks to the courage of a egyptian young girl called Samira Ibrahim (see next photo)
that talk about this tests on internet, an Egyptian court as banned them. It’s womens like she that make the arab world a better world for all genres and even that the change of society it’s very hard to accomplish they never give up and that is a light of hope for all egyptian  womens and also for those of all world.


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