Let’s make christmas!

         Today I was listening this song (Band Aid-Do They Know its Christmas) that is my favourite christmas song and remind me good memories and at the same time I was seeing the Al-Jazeera channel. Because I was with headphones I was not listening the program on tv but by the legends in english that I was been reading, I understood that it was a program about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. And I saw in it a school with young palestinien girls and teachers. And some girls ( I think they were between 7 and 12 or 14) were crying and shaking as teachers tried to calm them. At same time palestiniens boys where fighting against israeliens soldiers, and each time that this ones used heavy artillery the palestinien girls were scared. At that time while I was listening the music and seeing the program on tv I thought to myself: Why? Why this young palestinien girls that surely doesnt understand very much of politics and only want to learn and play, have to suffer the consequences of the conflict? Why in every christmas words as solidarity, peace or brotherhood are so popular but there are always regions in the world where they aren’t very well known? 
     The song talks about solidarity, about help those who suffer because of war or natural disasters. It talks that everyone should have his christmas and be in peace with the rest of the world. Christmas is not a muslin holiday but it has those fundamental things that should be presents in each person, no matter he or she is christian, muslin, jew, budhist or any other religion or even without one. This things are friendship, respect, harmony, peace, solidarity. And so I ask when palestinens and israeliens will make christmas together? When they will forget the rivalries and talk about peace? When the palestinien girls will stop cry? It’s all this possible to accomplish or it is ingenuity to dream about it? Well I believe that it’s very hard, almost impossible but while still exist that little posibility, humanity should not give up of search the real chritmas in every part of the world. 

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