Two bad slashes for justice.

   At the end of Second World War, nazi and japanese leaders were arrested and taken to justice on what was known as “The Nuremberg Trial” and “The Tokyo Trial”. Some of them where convicted to death, others to emprisonmement to life or others prison sentences. But they where all taken to justice. At least those there have been caught by the allies. After others wars criminals were arrested on the following years.    Not concerning the death penalty because is not that what is in discussion, they have been all taken to justice and they had the chance of being defended in a fair trial. We where at that time in the beginning of UN and this had influenced the trials for war criminals even that the subject of human rights was already present before the Second World War. But was the terror of this war that made Man pay more attention to the rights of first type. After, since them many leaders accused of war crimes have been taken for trial (international and intern trials) and others have escaped or died without being judge for their crimes. In this cases we saw examples of justice but also of popular justice or I should say revenge.  For example before the Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials, Mussolini was arrested. He was not taken to justice in the way of the Nazi criminals. He suffered a quickly trial and he was killed by a fire squad. After his body together with others was taken to Milan where was humiliated. But this was before the Nuremberg Trial. After this Trial the International Law got always as one this main subjects the justice based on human rights and so the concerning of give fair trials to all those charged with war or violence, racism and other type of crimes. Sometimes they reach that, like the International Trial for ex-Yugoslavia or Rwanda and others they didn’t, like many of south-american dictators that never were judged, principally  Augusto Pinochet. But this years to death’s have caused many doubts between people and made people ask about justice and revenge. They were Ben Laden and Gadafi deaths. There where those that claimed justice and others that talk about revenge and the unnecessary death of them. There was many discussion after the killing of Ben Laden and if it was really necessary. Now we see the same discussion about the death of Gadafi. Are we returning back in justice and forgetting human rights? I will not talk here if the disappear of Ben laden or Gadafi were good or not. But they already provoked a problematic question. Is Humankind being transformed by thirst of revenge? Are we forgetting our human condition that distinguish us from animals? Are we abandon all human rights that ours ancestors have been built trough History? This week the leader of National Council Transition of Lybia refused to see gadafi death’s investigated by foreigner countries. And he give as example the case of Ben Laden that was not also investigated. Well we can say that the death of the leader of Al-Qaeda was a consolation and at the same time a liberation from the ghost of terrorism even A-Qaeda continues present  nowadays. But this is the superficial and the immediate. And the example is that one of the libyan leader.  Will the death of Ben Laden be the first step to more examples of revenge without fair investigation as happened with Gadafi? And in that case what could be the role of human rights? Although both deaths were in different circumstances, is not a important matter for those who use them for theirs examples. I think that if someone is captured alive he or she should remain alive until a  fair trial. Independent of what they have done when they were in power. Is this that separate good people from bad people. Bad people in power or in opposition think always in revenge and in capital punishment; good people think in justice. And it was justice that suffered a bad slash this year. I understand the revolt of those that suffered all this years but if they don’t want to see the next generations to suffer also,  it would be good to think in human rights and be guided by them. People should not forget that History can repeat like a wheel and so the winners of today can be the losers of tomorrow. Like that, revenge or popular justice can give joy at present time but nothing more and at the end it can bring problems to the futur. If people understood this more earlier the world could be a better place. But we are always on time of recuperate our humans rights conditions.


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