Yue Yue-What futur are we making?

     Please, I ask to all people that visit my blog to stop at this pictures, seem then paciently and carefully and at the same time think about life. What is life? What is dignity? What is respect? What is solidarity? Are this things still existing on earth? Are not them in danger? Is not the fever of money building a futur based on greed, sick ambition, ruthless power? Is not death becoming in something so ordinary that it shock us only a little? Even when death is so stupid and impossible to explain. In a normal world Yue Yue already would been the face of sadness and solidarity but in this weird world that we live now the shocking death of this little chinese girl will be forget in a few weeks unfortanely. A world more and more egoist, without sense of life. Now, Yue Yue is dead but I hope that she will live in our hearts and make us keep our most precious tresor:love.

One response to “Yue Yue-What futur are we making?

  1. Salam, MOESCOR.
    Only love can save the Earth.
    Only hope can make it possible.
    Only people that still believe in peace will help to build a better life.
    Only the positive powers of our dreams…

    Your blog contributes to a better world, go on!

    My eyes are getting better too.

    Allah maak! Deus esteja contigo!



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