Gilad Shalit-A new oportunity for peace?

     Yesterday was a day of great joy in the Middle-East for both palestiniens and israelits. The sucess of the exchange between the israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and palestiniens prisioners had shown that negotiations are possible between Israel and Palestine and so it’s possible to believe in advances in the peace process. I’m sure that to see the images of joy of Shalit’s familly and the party of palestiniens prisioners families had made very people happy in all world. And not only israelien people or the arab world. It’s normal when we see the reunification of a family and yesterday it was very families that finaly saw their dear relatifs.
      However the blue sky of hapiness should not make us forget that some grey clouds where in that blue sky. Grey clouds full of doubts that can provoke a new storm in a sky unfortanely full of violence. Everything was very beautiful yesterday but it’s necessary to see other things. First of all, there was not any reference of any part to continue negotiations. I don’t believe they are going to stop but if yesterday was saw as a great oportunity to reborn peace talk it’s likely most that no part as understand that oportunity. In second, It will not be this exchange one reason to the Hamas repeat the act of kidnapping as they got what they wanted? In third will the liberated prisioners not repeat the violent acts that led them to israelien prisons? In this case I believe they will not. At least I hope so or it would be a very bad step to the end of peace process. Also it was not good to hear the Hamas’s army say that will continue their fight and principaly one of the liders of Hamas say that yesterday was a great victory to Palestine. Well in fact it was a victory of both sides and principaly to the families. The problem is this speeches don’t seem to show any concern about peace process and this in a day like yesterday was not very good.
      The exchange was a very good thing in a way but what consequences it will bring in the futur? It will bring a new way to peace process? I hope so. The important now is not lost this oportunity even that is very hard because of great diferences between the present Israelien gouvernment and Hamas and Palestinien Authority but well let’s hope the speech of victory will be replace by a speech of peace.


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