We need a arab spring on Syria!

      As expected Russia and China vetoed UN sanctions on Syria. Meanwhile and by the numbers given by UN at least 2,900 people have died since the beginning of the syrian uprising. It’s very, very much and it’s terrifying and unacceptable. But the strategic interests, the economical and military alliances are more important than human life. Syrian people continues to suffer and to be attacked by is own leaders and army, but for russian and chinese leaders that it’s not important. And so it seems that we are in a new cold war, this time played by three countries. Because before 1991 how many peoples suffered with the veto of United States or ex-Soviet Union at the Security Council of UN? For example the ex-Soviet Union veto against the resolution condemning the invasion of ex-Czechoslovakia or the north-american veto against the resolution condemning Pinochet in 1973. The big countries, the superpowers play chess in the game of life and each one search to obtain more influence and power in the world but is is necessary to sacrifice a people to arrive to the end of the civilization?
     Meanwhile the syrian people continues to show a unbelievable and inspiring courage for all world. And peoples of the world, principally arab ones should be more united to support in a non-violent way the fairs demands of it. Let’s unit and demand help of all super powers including China and Russia to make arrive the arab spring to Syria..


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