To drive is a right!

Saudi woman driver to be lashed – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

In Saudi Arabia one women as been sentenced to be lashed by driving. (See link above)
In Saudi Arabia womens are not authorized to drive and should pay a taxi to go whereaver they want. But taxi its very expensive (about 300 dolars) and many womens don’t have such money. Also sometimes it’s urgent, for example when the child is sick, but the mother alone can’t take the child to the hospital. Saudi Arabia is changing, but this is going very slowly and the equality between men and women can’t wait. To drive is a right that must be given to saudi womens because they must be treated as all others womens of the world.
I knew by the community women2drive that a facebook page advocating the beating of women that drive in Saudi was launched and collected more than 6000 likes while the women2drive page has 2500 likes. Please visit the facebook page of women2drive and put like on it. Let’s show that we are against injustice and humiliation.


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