An extremiste future?

       I just saw the movie: “Jesus Camp” and in the end I thought: What’s the difference between this camps and some madrassas on islamic countries? What the difference between teach childrens to kill in name of Allah or teach childrens to make war in name of God? What’s the authority of the western world, principaly the United States, to attack the islamic extremism if they have christian extremists in between then?
       Talk about religion nowadays seems very dangerous and after the september 11th, tolerance and respect seems to be unuseful words and with very little use. We are not in dark times but things have got worse since 2001. For americans and also many europeans each muslin is a potential terrorist and for muslins each american and also each european is a potential invasor. Both of them forget to respect people with others opinions and religions. Both of them forget to talk about love and peace as by the way Bible and Alcoran teach. Because probabily the two books the worst interpretated in history are these twos. Those they say are the best deffenders of the sacred word are those that make all wrong. I think Bible and Alcoran musn’t be interpretated in a literal way talking about laws. I hear many times that a muslin should kill in name of Allah because it’s said like that in the Coran; I also hear  that a true christian is that one that try to influence other religions by all means. But people that have that opinion are so conservatives that they forget those laws are from antiquity and the world as changed in a enormous way since them. In the antiquity human rights were unknown and the law of revenge was the only law in practice with few exceptions. So it’s comprhensible to read in the old testament and in Coran stories of bloody wars, violent punishments by the justice of the time, etc. But these was at many centuries ago and so it’s unrealistic and amazing that there’s still people that continue to defend the justice of revenge. We musn’t forget that these people talk about the law of men and I think they forget the true law of God. I’m agnostic but I respect the oficial religions and In my opinion they have positive things that are the spread of peace, love, tolerance and solidarity. The true muslins and christians talk without problems with mans and womens of others religions, help people with other opinions and different of majority. But the conservative path made some people stop in time and live as they were many centuries ago. It’s like talk about homosexuality, womens rights, prostitutes etc. Where in the Bible or the Coran it’s said that homosexuality must be forbiden? Or womens are lowers to mens? And was not Maria Magdalena a prostitute? And Jesus didn’t talk with she as a women like all others? And why those conservative people reject the “sinners” if Jesus said that they where the first one to need help? So I think the law of men as replaced the law of God except for some solidarity works that I respect and are very important in the christian and muslin world.
       But the worst is the raise of intolerance that this can provoke in the futur. In islam world Al-Qaeda maded a animated movie for childrens against the western world, they also give weapons to childrens and teach them that western people are devils. By other hand in the movie “Jesus Camp” I saw childrens completily hypnotized believing in a fanatic way on a literal interpretation of the Bible and in a sight of muslins as dangereous. What kind of future will the world have?


2 responses to “An extremiste future?

  1. Olá.
    tem cuidado.
    no islam allahu akbar, o que tb significa que allah é o maior, enganador, terrorista, desgraçador, …. o maior em tudo o que seja ruim.


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