Palestine independant state at U.N?

         The next September 20th, Palestine will demand the entry at U.N as independant state. It’s easy to understand why the palestinian authority do that with the suport of many palestinian NGO’s. At least since 1948, it have been a process of advances and turnbacks. Both parts sometimes make reunions and accept the other part conditions but most part of the times, the fear of loose security and the fear of loose hope of independance it’s above of a real desire of peace. After many decades of conflicts and no real advances, no wonder Palestine demands the independance at the U.N. It’s a risky step but is comprehensible. But is this demande maded at the right time? First of all, the most probably is the resolution be refused by the veto of the US. So is a demand death before born. After is a unilateral resolution which can provoke more conflict with Israel and without discussion of the peace process can be understood as a definitive separation and abandon of peace efforts. And this is impossible because or Palestine and Israel will be always separated in war or together in peace. Even that Palestine obtain the independance. That part of the world is very instable and conflicts are permanently opposing both countries but on other hand it’s important don’t forget the commun things like some caracteristics of societies, the culture, the history. There are those whom think that there are no solution for the conflict and desire of revenge will always divide palestiniens and israelits and there are those whom believe in a peace resolution and the end of the conflict. But unfortanely many provocations have been done by both parts causing lost of time and lost of will in make peace. Also make this demand in a time where Israel is in tension with Egypt and Turkey don’t seem to be a right decision. Independance should not be separated from peace and so Palestine should not demand independance without make peace with Israel. However for the israelien gouvernment this act can be see as a provocation even that Mr. Mahoud Abbas already said that is nothing against Israel. The true is that in last days many mistakes had be done by Israel and neighbours. The worst is that the israelien gouvernment its beeing in tension with countries that recognize and have peace treaties with the state of Israel. Unfortanely I think with this gouvernment of Israel and with acts of Turkey and Egypt, peace process will regress on that region. And so this demand of Palestine its acceptable but is not at right time. What most probably will hapen after? Palestine will win more solidarity and points for the cause of Independance but tensions between arab world and Israel will increase which at the end means that Palestine will loose more than win with the demand at U.N.  On other hand can Palestine wait more time for a independant state that deserves from the beginning?


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