Lybia and after?

      At this moment all seems to tell that Lybia will be the 3rd maghreb country to change power. After Tunisia and Egypt, that country it’s closer of be another one where the power of a dictateur is closer of the fall. At this time no one knows where Khaddafi is and what will happen after. The situation is also uncertainly but more and more rebel forces are advancing in Tripoli and situation seems quiet complicated to the Khaddafi forces. So it’s quiet logical to wait the end of Khaddafi regime until the end of the week. And in that case what can we wait after? Before all the transition time will be more complicated than it is in Tunisia or Egypt. Lybia is a country with many forces, many tribes not always united. Is there a danger of a civil war? Well I don’t want to be pessimistic but I think the probability it’s bigger than it was in Tunisia and Egypt. After there are always the danger of islamisation. If lybiens want a true democracy they and all arab peoples must separate religion from politics. Countries as Iran or groups as Al-Qaeda are going to try to take advantage of the situation and help Lybia to become a islamic country but things will be hard for them because maghreb countries have a tradition more equal between religion and laicisme. Even that, danger is always there and so who can help Lybia to become a true democracy? The european countries. After all there are a strong relation between european mediterranean countries and the maghreb. The democratic process in Lybia and neighbours must be made by themselves but the European Union as the moral duty of help them. And this is very important for us as for them. Real democracies will will help to develop stability, economy and solidarity. And with that the commercial, political and social exchanges will increase between Europe and north Africa. If Europe receive many emigrants it’s because democracy it’s not perfect with corruption and to end with corruption it’s better to help them. But this help must be based not principaly on the intention of receive economical benefits but social changes. Explore maghreb to know them but principaly to make them know us. Because this 2 worlds have more in commun than we think and we must do efforts to know each other better. And this can be done by all people and not only gouvernments. Cultural and diplomatic exchanges can transform all international relations and all countries will win with that.


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