The violence of extremes.

          Sometimes the world receive news as shocking thunder lights. The tragedy in Norway was an enormous tragedy with imediatly consequences.  It was one of this things that was often talked, it continues to be talk and it will be always remembered as something that shape our history in the worst form.  However it will be possible that this tragedy will have more dangereous consequences. In history, principaly after the nazism, racist theories, extreme-right together with violence, white race supremacy and refusal of other cultures, have been always presents but for the first time a men take all that on a so high stage that he wanted to provoke a kind o war or revolution not only on Norway but in all Europe. The extreme-right as been always conected to violence but never at this point. Anders Brevik as not only killed several people but as also made videos with apology of racism and hate, as made plans to attack other countries as Portugal, Spain, France or Germany and worst of all he will maybe try to make publicity to his cause from now on. And this is the most imprevisible consequence. He is one of this persons that people will always ask why he made this and what kind of men he is. We can say in a simple term that he is a monster like Hitler or Bin Laden but what provoked in his mind this enormous hate to other races and cultures? What make a men kill like this only because he don’t like those whom talk with peoples of other countries? All this is to investigate and many things will be wroted in the futur about Anders Brevik, some of those false things  but if psychological reasons are dificult to understand, external reasons could be more easy to see.
         Anders Brevik is perhaps one consequence of september 11th attacks and the north-american answer. Many people compares Anders Brevik to Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma 1994 bomb attack) and if there are some things in commun, there are one thing completily different. If the attack of Timothy McVeigh was made with the intention of hurt the USA and the internal gouvernement; the attack of Anders Brevik was maybe a beginning of a massive terrorist atack at international level. And why this desire of provoke the instability? Before the september attacks of 2001, there was always been problems with musulmans (often because of a missunderstood of their culture) seeing the middle-east crisis and problems with Iran or talibans but after Bin Laden attacks things have changed. From this day in 2001, each musulman as started to be looked more as a intolerant and violent person. In Europe where there weren’t such big problemes between comunities, people started to look each other on a diferent way. Europeans seeing foreigners as causer of troubles and thiefs of jobs and this seeing those as racists. One Europe in peace transformed, more and more, in one Europe less friendly because fear and hate replaced friendship and unity. To arrive at this point, the american answer had also contributed. USA had the right of chase Bin Laden and the others terrorists of september 11th but they made the mistake of place all in the same box. They not separeted or maded in a wrong way the terrorists from the rest of musulmans. They were more interested in persecute Ben Laden and with that they forgot of at, same time, pay attention to defense of multiculturalism and races union. With this the extremists became more extremists and joining with the economical crisis, was a cause of the raise of right political formations. But if until know we never head violence in so tragic way, it’s only because we trusted in a common sense that its in danger and we forgot that. Anders Brevik can be more dangereous than he had already be because his ideas can influence other’s persons but the best answer its not doing like americans but like norvegians. From know on,  Norway will have more attention but take things as a war would be only a victory to Anders Brevik and all those whom defends racist ideologies as as Anders Brevik it was in such way a victory to Al-Qaeda because it was not one of the proposals of this terrorist group to provoke instability and world violence between comunities with the attacks of 2001? So it’s ironic but Anders Brevik is like a brother of Bin Laden. Both of them defend separation of cultures and comunities and violence to arrive to those objectifs.

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