Tolerance and the light of Norway!

         Norway. Country of tolerance, of peace, of nobel peace price and Fridftof Nansen and suddenly the terror. Who will imagine that a country like Norway would be victim of  hate? When the first news came out, they talked about 7 deaths in some explosions at the capital. But the next day the total of mortal victims raised to 92 because of the attack with fire arms hapened at the same time of the Oslo explosions. The world waiked up for a tragedy of enormous proportions and inimaginable in this country. But sometimes the things less expecteds arrive like this, from nothing like a ghost, a sad horrible monster that remind us that evil is everywere and not only in far countries. Despite the terror and tragedy, this barbarian acts are also a warning. They showed, like Oklahoma 1994, that sometimes the terrorists are not those we think,they are. Many times, we have the strong idea that terrorist acts can’t be done by our neighbours and we believe more in people living in muslin countries, as to be responsibles.  Because of the news we receive almost all days and the image that is given, by media, from islamic countries, many people think in a wrong way about people living there. Since september 11th 2001, we from western world forgot that terrorism and violence can be everywhere and so at most part of time we suspect of islamic terrorist groups. But fundamentalism it’s not necessarily only from islamic countries. Even that in a minor scale, it exists to in christian countries as for example in USA. Many years we had been used to separate the western world tolerant and respectful from the arab world more intolerant. However things are not quiet simple. The world is always complex and not all people from western world is tolerant and not all arab people is intolerant and fundamentalist. In fact fundamentalism exists everywhere and no matter if is islamic or christian or any other religion. There are no religions better or worst; only all they can become dangereous when Men substitutes good sense and respect by blindness and hate. In all things and not only religion, fundamentalism it’s a first step to violence and Men loses sense of reality when he start to see only one thing and not all that surround him. So it’s a mistake to judge people only because they are different and don’t have the same traditions of us.
       What happened on Norway was a tragic example of the most unbelieveble radicalism and an evidence that from extreme-right we only can wait violence. The refusal in accepting multiculturalism, the supremacy of white race, the use of violence to solve problems all this exists from many time ago and unfortanely it will continue to exists. But the majority of the world knows that it’s not the colour of skin that makes personality and it’s not different traditions that separates peoples. From now on, Norway will raise is security and perhaps norvegian people will see things in a little diferent way but the best way of fighting against hate is with love nad Norway has been always a good example of peace. Despite this attacks perpetrated by a norvegian man, I know that norvegian people is strong and courageous and it will not loose its caracteristics. Because if suddenly Norway would let peace, love and tolerance that would be a enormous victory to all those that defends the separation of peoples. Norway must continue to be a light for the world and eve that as suffered a great traumatic attack, that light must not became little. Norway and the world have the responsability of not let raise extreme-right formations or religious radicalism groups. Maybe it can be impossible to end with violence but while we believe we can’t give up. Each one of us as the mission of understand those whom are differents, of unite the world, of respect those that not have same ideas and opinions of us. Norway don’t extinguish your light!

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