Middle East: a psychological war?

Israeli PM’s teen son maligns Muslims on Facebook – MinotDailyNews.com | News, sports, business, jobs – Minot Daily News

What make’s hate? The ignorance, the blindness, the social influence and all those things that make a person to have an opinion without pay attention to all parts in conflict. This attitude of Israel prime minister’s son its one more brick to the wall of separation that leads to more dificulties to find a way for peace in that region. The conflict and provocation its so present in the middle-east, in both parts, that many people ask if someday will be possible to have peace and solidarity between separeted brothers as israeliens and palestiniens. In some times of history, things seem to advance as in 1978 or 1994 but in other moment’s its the hate that prevails and the search of reveange. Because many of this conflict comes from reveange and not accepting the reality of other part. Terrorist acts, disrespectful army invasions, provocations, political parties fighting against the existence of the oponent country, etc. All this is transforming the israelo-palestinien conflict in a psychological conflict. Worst than terrorist attacks by palestinien groups or Israel army attacks on Palestinien soil, is the little-big provocations and the influence of a long-term war in futur generations. Because even that peace would be possible, the marks of the conflict would make many time to dissapear and this could always bring desire of reveange. Even that both gouvernments would decided to make suddenly a peace treaty, that would not make dissapear years and years of conflict, deaths, war traumas. And the most damaged’s with psychological problems are, as always, childrens.
The attack of a palestinien group that killed 5 members of the same israelien family and the facebook posts attacking arabs and islam by Yel Nethanyaou are two more steps to a separation that no part needs. Palestine needs Israel and Israel needs Palestine and no hate will destroy a path that is irreversible. At least, there are courageous people in both parts that are figthing for more comprhension and friendship and against some bad ideas strongly presents in both societies. They are the true heros of a ilogical conflict.

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