Bin Laden: The death of an ennemy of the Humanity.

The death of Bin Laden it’s only comparable to the death of Adolf Hitler and so today is a day of great joy and hapiness. After ten years of searching, war, sacrifices, inocent victims and also doubts about is death and even is existence, finally the most dangereous and searched ennemy of the world was killed in a operation conducted by US army forces. It’s a great victory for those who believe in democracy and peace but its important to remember some things. First, like the death of Hitler didn’t not represented the end of nazism; the death of Bin Laden will not bring the end of Al-Qaeda. Second, even that is comprhensible the hapiness of many americains and others in all world we shouldn’t put hate above all things and so, not see this death as revenge but as justice. Third, we must pay more attention from now on to Al-Qaeda even that this death together with the “arab spring” as weekenead very much the islamic terrorist organization. Finnaly I heard from Mr. Obama that “justice has been done”. I understand why he said that but can we talk about justice when people is killed? Or it could be another way of treat problems like Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler?

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